How to Avoid Registration Issues At Online Casinos in Ontario

How to Avoid Registration Issues At Online Casinos in Ontario

The Ontario online gamlbing market is hitting new record highs and with it player registration is also peaking. Problems however, keep seem to be rearing themselves for new players looking to sign up at online casinos and sportsbooks. This can often be due to players not paying attention to detail but is also mainly attributed to the strict set of rules required to create a gambling account in the province.

For one, your email and phone number are required to be active. If you use inactive contact details in your registration form you may not be able to access verification codes which are sent to them. It’s best practice to double check your email addresses and mobile numbers when adding them in to ensure you don’t run into any problems down the line.

Another common mistake is trying to register for multiple gambling accounts at the same online casino or sportsbook. All online gamlbing sites ask that each player only sign up for one account. Some go as far as to limit gambling accounts for one to a household. If you are not 100% sure if you already have an account with a particular casino, you can find out by checking your email for a verification code.

Arguably the most common issue with registering at online gambling sites in Ontario is the identity verification process. Ontario online casinos are very particular in who can gamble on them. They will require players to send in a copy of valid government ID and a selfie to verify their identity before they allow deposits or withdrawals. 

You will also be required to provide your location by turning on location settings. Gambling from outside the province is not permitted even if you are a Ontario native. Mobile apps will only run with location settings turned on and using proxies may lead to being banned from a site.

Overall, it isn’t very difficult to avoid the pitfalls of registering but it’s important to keep terms and conditions in mind. You don’t want to register for a gaming account and then later find out mistakes made during registration have disqualified you from betting or playing online casino games.

Only Play on Licensed and Regulated Sites

When you decide to register for a betting account be sure to check their licence status. Only online igaming sites which are licensed and registered with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and iGaming Ontario will be allowed to provide legal and regulated online gambling products in the province.

If you have gamlbing problems please be sure to turn on self exclusions and restrictions and don’t be afraid to contact assistance for gambling advice.

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