PointsBet Partners with Ottawa REDBLACKS Before Imminent Launch in Ontario

PointsBet Partners with Ottawa REDBLACKS

Since the liberalization of Canada’s sports betting laws, several internationally renowned brands have publicly announced their intention to enter the market.

According to reports, there could be as many as 30 international and homegrown brands vying for approval in Ontario alone.

PointsBet is one of the most recognizable names on that list. It hails from the land down under, i.e., Australia but has a global footprint including in Ireland and the United States. And, now with their imminent entry into Canada on April 4, they have decided to take it up a notch.

The site is partnering with Canadian Football League (CFL) team Ottawa REDBLACKS and TD Place, its home venue, in a massive sponsorship deal.

The deal involves placement of the brand on the team’s jersey and at strategic locations throughout the TD Place stadium. As the Ottawa REDBLACKS and PointsBet both don red and black colors, the brands should blend in like hand in glove.

Furthermore, the partnership will result in the creation of a “PointsBet Sideline Club” at the TD Place stadium. This is something that punters are most looking forward to from legal Canadian sportsbooks, as several surveys and studies have suggested.

Access to all REDBLACKS games, sideline seats, center field viewing deck, unlimited food, and (non-alcoholic) beverages are just some of the perks you can expect from PointsBet membership (see Points Bet sign up code).

This Will Help Educate Bettors and Lawmakers Alike

But marketing is not the only thing this move will achieve. It will be great for educational purposes too, which has been highlighted as a major roadblock in the market by Deloitte and other market researchers.

The partnership will introduce many prospective bettors to the world of legal sports betting and will encourage many casual bettors to be more active. It will be a great demonstration of the legality and legitimacy of online sportsbooks.

Lack of transparency, trust, and security are the top issues identified by analysts that can prevent potential bettors from becoming casual or active bettors.

High-profile partnerships like this one and an authentic betting experience can help quell the concerns of bettors in such matters.

But bettors are not the only ones who will from benefited by this partnership and the growth of Canadian iGaming in general.

A partnership of this magnitude can help spread the industry to other provinces apart from Ontario. As the brand becomes visible across Ontario, it will surely grab the attention of lawmakers and government officials.

If they develop a good impression of the brand and sports betting in general through direct experience, they can become true promoters of the sector.

This Will Generate More Interest and Revenue for the Sport

Moreover, the CFL and Ottawa REDBLACKS will benefit immensely as well. It will generate additional revenue for them and increase interest in the game.

The CFL was one of the major leagues that lobbied relentlessly for the legalization of single-event betting in Canada. Now, having succeeded, it has made sports betting one of the key plans of its future growth strategy.

Other teams in the CFL have inked deals and partnerships with sportsbooks that have either announced their plans to launch in Canada or remain open to Canadian punters from their foreign base.

Need to Create a More Holistic Betting Experience

However, a major hole in the strategy remains the absence of booths or kiosks at the venue for on-site betting.

The overwhelming interest among prospective and active bettors alike is focused on online betting. There is no question about that but betting at shops or kiosks is not completely irrelevant, especially if you consider live betting at the venue itself.

So, these are steps that can and should be taken as the legal Canadian iGaming industry grows. In the meanwhile, there will be plenty of online opportunities opening up soon to keep you busy and engaged.

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